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At Flacks Consulting our team is ready to recommend and implement a solution, system or process to enhance your capabilities and make your venture more successful. We minimize the need to improvise.

Public Health Preparedness

Flacks Consulting specializes in all phases of public health preparedness, response and recovery. With over 27 years of preparedness experience in the federal sector, Andy Flacks brings a unique perspective to this space in terms of plan review and development, training and exercising (Table-Top, Functional, Full-Scale) and associated after-action and lessons learned activities.

Our experiences include VA/DoD Contingency Planning,(Operation Desert Storm/Shield); Natural Disasters (hurricanes including Katrina, mid-west floods); Terror events (9/11, Oklahoma City Bombing); Special Events (’96 Olympics, Presidential Inaugurations); rebuilding healthcare infrastructure post-disaster, state and preparedness drills, and managing recovery efforts.

We can train your emergency response teams in unified command, iCS and HEICS, as well as develop customized preparedness exercises and drills to test and evaluate your current plans and work with you to eliminate shortfalls and unmet needs.

Contact us today and let our experienced team of experts help solidify your preparedness planning.