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At Flacks Consulting our team is ready to recommend and implement a solution, system or process to enhance your capabilities and make your venture more successful. We minimize the need to improvise.

Continuity of Operations

Andy Flacks spent the last few years of his federal career planning for and managing the Continuity of Operations Program (COOP) of the United States Department of Health and Human Services. Flacks Consulting LLC. is ready to help businesses large and small prepare for any situation that could cause a disruption to daily operations. Our successful COOP Planning System will show you how to create redundancies, review mission essential operating systems and functions and, most importantly, manage the expectations of your employees.

We will work with you to develop realistic scenarios that will train essential personnel in all aspects of COOP planning. This includes:

-identification of your essential functions

-orders of succession

-delegations of authority

-continuity facility operations

-essential records

-human capital

-tests, training and exercising



Contact us today and learn how we will help you keep your business up and running no matter the situation.