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At Flacks Consulting our team is ready to recommend and implement a solution, system or process to enhance your capabilities and make your venture more successful. We minimize the need to improvise.

Arrowwood Shepherds began when Wesley Jenson, Sr. was looking for help in training his own dog Kane. Through practical experience, combined with what he has learned from working with other trainers, Wes has been able to create his own dog training program.

This system is based on the premise that if Wes can train the owner to train their dog, the dog will remain trained. Specializing in behavior modification has given us the opportunity to work with owners who have dogs with a variety of issues, from people and dog aggression to separation anxiety to leash training.

Through experience and research, Wes has worked with dogs of different breeds, temperaments and backgrounds. Because each dog is different, training classes are adapted to meet the needs of the individual dogs and their owners. Obedience is the key to a good relationship with your dog and is the basis for expanding into more advanced levels of training. Wes also offers his services to any rescue or shelter. I look forward to working with you and your dog. Please contact Wes for a home visit or come out to the training facility in beautiful Woodbine, MD. For more information…..

For more information visit our website at http://arrowwoodshepherds.org

"Two Satisfied Customers"

“Two Satisfied Customers”